11-year-old girl become youngest author from Kashmir to publish her book ‘Zeal of Pen’

An 11-year-old girl from the Batengoo area of the Anantnag district of South Kashmir has become the youngest author from the Union Territory to publish her book “Zeal of Pen”.

Adeeba Riyaz, a class seven student wrote her book “Zeal of Pen” consisting of 96 pages in just 11 days. She is awarded by the India Book of Records for writing a book at such a young age. Her 96 pages’ book is available online on seven platforms including Amazon India.

Adeeba recognized her talent when she was in class 6 and since then she started writing, and she has written with a great deal in a very short period of time.
She got into the writing field when she won a writing contest organized by the Anantnag District administration.
Speaking to ANI, Adeeba said, “I decided to write the book during COVID-19 induced lockdown. In the year 2020, many such incidents happened which forced me to think that if one needs to survive then they have to pursue their talent because at that time our education was also blocked. I am very happy that her book Zeal of Pen is published now.”
She further said that the main motto to write this book was that people read get benefit from it.
“My parents played a big role in publishing this book. They appreciated me at every step, which motivated me a lot. I was also awarded by the India Book of Records. Earlier also I received many awards and certificates. My hobbies are reading and writing,” she said.
She said that her favourite authors are Jane Austen and Robin Sharma. Adeeba also said that if she gets a chance to meet Robin Sharma she will definitely meet him.
As per the author, the book has “mammoth insights and peculiarities” adding that the book contains something about everything.
Having achieved such a good response with her first published book at such a small age, the budding author wants to continue writing and provide “literature-filled joy to the world by writing about scenes everyone can relate to.

Shahzada, the mother of Adeeba said that she is very proud of her daughter for her achievements at a very young age.
“I am proud of my daughter. We have paled a big role in her achievement. At every step, we supported and motivated her. Her father Riyaz Ahmad is a shopkeeper in Lal chowk Anantnag. Her name also came in the India Book of Records, she also received an award from Anantnag DC and also received appreciation from her school principal. My daughter is very hardworking and talented. I would urge all parents to understand your child and support them to pursue their dream,” said Shahzada. 

Brother of Adeeba, Sahil Rafiq said, “I am very proud of her that at the very young age she had identified her talent and he knows what to do in future. We will always support Adeeba to pursue her dreams.

She has not only made Kashmir proud but she has made the whole country proud and one day she will make the world proud.”

17 Dec 21/Friday                                                                                              Source: aninews