“Hoon Woran Teh Karwan Pakan”

(Dog barks at the progressing Humanity)

Pakistan Army Watches as Kashmir Embraces its Sparkling Destiny

 Last three decades, Pakistan sponsored Terrorism in Kashmir has claimed thousands of lives, hijacked right to normalcy, made the economy bleed, and has posed grave threats to the country’s security. It was in 1989 when the insurgency fire kindled by Pakistan’s nefarious ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence).

Terrorism has ruined the normal functioning of the state, and though since these tremulous 30 years,  New Delhi tried to reach out to Kashmiris over the years, but for some brief periods of hope, peace has not prevailed in the Kashmir Valley, mainly due to Pakistan’s setting the place ablaze, by spreading of Radical Islam as well as fake narrative.

Draconian Article 370

Always Temporary and Transitional


The article was drafted in Part XXI of the Constitution of India,  titled “Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions”.



Article 370 was clearly meant to be a temporary provision included in the Constitution to cater to the specific requirements of the troubled times immediately after India’s independence and the state’s accession to India. It was meant to remain in operation during the existence of the State’s Constituent Assembly.

On 15 February 1954 the assembly members who were present cast a unanimous vote ratifying the state’s accession to India. The constituent assembly was later dissolved. However, for some political reasons of the time, a Separate Constitution of J&K remained.

It was Illegal, in which, while first J&K acceded to Union of India thus fulfilling the conditions of Instrument of Accession. Hence once accession was passed, the Constitution of India was valid in J&K, thus rendering all else invalid if not illegal.

Now Kashmiris can exert their rights as Citizens of India and be part of the Union of India’s growth story.

Let us bust some Myths.

A step to Land Grab in J&K?

Vicious Pakistan Army Propaganda, Defying all International Logic

In the last 70 years, has a demographic change been effected in any state of India? Has Maharashtra lost Mumbai? Has Karnataka lost its Bengaluru? or has residents have lost their Nainital or their Manali?

None happened in the last 70 years and never will.

Pakistan’s devious agenda of keeping Kashmiris Poor and their lives ablaze, with their lies and propaganda, has no bounds. If Kashmiri doesn’t want to sell land, no one can force him, that is the power granted to every Kashmiri by this very constitution of India.

Kashmiris are deliberately fed a heightened sense of fear and suspicion regarding their identity and cultural issues such as religion, customs, and language. Has any state lost its culture, language, and identity?

In fact, by being a participative part of the country, everyone gets the best chance to promote their culture and identity to all parts of India, and that definitely means, throughout the World.

Financial Power in Hands of every Common Kashmiri

With the advent of Agriculture, Tourism, and Industry, it is the common man Kashmiri, who can apply for a loan (like any other Indian Citizen and no Bank can deny) and create his own business venture, which till now was not available. Even very poor ones are now part of Jan Dhan Yojana and other agricultural and small venture benefit schemes. Now it ensures access of each Kashmiri to financial services, namely, Banking/ Savings & Deposit Accounts, Remittance, Credit, Insurance, Pension in an affordable manner.

An average Low-income Kashmiri had dubious future and old age uncertainty, thanks to the Pakistan Army fostered Terrorism, which clearly wiped out any form or organized sector economy.

Now each Kashmiri is entitled to the Central Government scheme of Atal Pension Yojana (APY). Launched on May 2015, APY completed five years of successful implementation this year which assures to delivering old age income security to all young Kashmiri Youth from 18 to 40 years, particularly to the youth in the unorganized sector of Kashmir.

Gone are the days when the average Kashmiri Family had to beg politicians for starting even a small shop. Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana (PMMY), introduced in Union Budget for FY 2016. MUDRA, which stands for Micro Units Development & Refinance Agency Ltd, a financial institution by the Government of India for development and refinancing micro unit enterprises is wholly applicable to each individual Kashmiri.

Modernization and Infrastructure

Since 05 August 2019, the Modernization and utilization of funds, for the welfare and infrastructure of Kashmir, has surpassed the previous snail-paced speed by as much as 20 times.

Chenani-NashriTunnel. India’s longest road tunnel, built at a whopping ₹3,720 crore, has completed in a record pace, and shall ensure regulation of availability and prices of common commodities reaching Kashmir,.

About to be completed world’s highest railway-arch bridge over river Chenab in J&K with an estimated cost of Rs 1250 Crore is part of Indian Railways’ mega plan to connect Kashmir valley with Udhampur via Jammu-Baramulla Rail Line. Truly a wonderful achievement  of the people of Kashmir.

In addition to the extension of the railway line, Jammu-Baramulla up to Kupwara, a 3.9 Km Elevated Expressway Corridor Project worth 258.32 Crores has been completed in Sri Nagar, which adds to the evolution of Sri Nagar into a world-class city very soon.

The construction of an important footbridge connecting Old Town and New Town in the Baramulla district of North Kashmir began in full swing since Jammu and Kashmir became a Union Territory in 2019. The bridge is now on the verge of completion in record time.

Rs 110 crore road redevelopment project in Srinagar has started with blacktopping of a dozen major city roads, identified under a project approved under the Smart City project for Srinagar.


After seven decades of independence, the difference is visible between PoK and Kashmir. PoK wants freedom from Pakistan since the ideology of India and Kashmir is development-oriented while the region of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir is used either as a center for terrorism by Pakistan or simply sold off to China.

The locals are being fed lies that have no logical sense, that the government may use the abrogation for demographic change, meaning to create settlement enclaves for Kashmiri Pandits and ex-servicemen (Sainik Colonies).

While conclaves for Ex-Servicemen is a blatant lie, Kashmiri Pandit’s return to Kashmir, their rightful homeland,  has been the pledge of all political parties, including the National Conference of Abdullahs and PDP of the Mufti clan.

Article 370 and 35A are constitutionally invalid as well as ideologically untenable. While Kashmiri being an Indian can purchase land and be part of any society, it is a blow to any Kashmiri’s self-esteem and self-worth, that others are unwelcome in Kashmir while they are welcome everywhere. That is the argument of a conniving politician and the wily terrorist neighbor, and look where that neighbor has reached in PoK.

Statistically, it has been found that even with the biggest influx of people in any city/region, it never grows beyond 10%.  That holds true for all states and cities of India, and Kashmir will be no different. A Kashmiri who doesn’t intend to sell his land, won’t.

Kashmiris are embracing the welcome change in their lives, now attaining real freedom since the last 70 years of imperialism by own rulers, in the name of draconian Article 370 and 35A. The real estate prices shall shoot up, infrastructure shall keep developing at the same pace and Kashmiri shall have his own world-class business ecosystem in Kashmir, without fear of opportunistic Politicians, Radical Islam ecosystem, and Terrorist neighbor’s interference.

21 Oct 20/Wednesday                                                                                                   Written By Fayaz