Kashmiri Youth In ‘Camera’derie With Global Online Exhibition

In this exhibition, over 170 photographers from different countries are showcasing their work.

When frames were added to the scenic beauty of the Kashmir valley on a virtual platform, it left scores of enthusiasts in awe. Be it the scenes of shikaras flowing in the iconic Dal Lake or a shepherd with his sheep, these photographs were full of colours grabbing millions of eyeballs.

An online exhibition titled ‘Frames’ organised by the Gayoor ‘art foundation’ has brought out the inner Martin Parr in them by encouraging them to showcase the beauty the Kashmir valley has to offer that goes beyond the shikaras flowing in the Dal Lake. The concept of exhibition has now evolved from enthusiasts thronging galleries to online viewing in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gayoor ‘art foundation’ organised an online photographic exhibition on its website on Thursday.

In this exhibition, over 170 photographers from different countries are showcasing their work. This exhibition comes across as a game-changer as there is now no need for any art gallery for conducting these kinds of exhibitions as offline exhibitions get limited publicity whereas online photography has a wider reach attracting youth from all over the world to participate.

Naushad Gayoor, the director/curator of the exhibition, said he has been receiving entries from countries that not many people have heard of as well.

“There are 170 artists that are participating in this exhibition and if they share the link, it would reach larger masses. This is our first show online and on a monthly basis, we would plan to organise solo and group shows on a monthly basis,” he told ANI.

Mir Mehmood, one of the participants of the exhibition said the response received for the exhibition has been good internationally as well as it has been able to reach a larger audience online.

“When we share a photograph on Instagram, the photo reaches the world using the proper hashtag. Same is the case with this exhibition here making it a very powerful tool,” Mehmood told ANI.

Another participant of the exhibition, Umar Ahmad, said even though the pandemic has brought the “world to a standstill”, but that has not deterred the spirits of students to share their photographs with the world.

“It is a wonderful experience for me — it is the first time for me (showing my work in an online exhibition). The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill but with the digital media, we are able to show the amazing things Kashmir has to offer,” Ahmad said.

20 Aug 20/Thursday                                                          Source: BWEDUCATION