Pakistan Army’s Indifference and Brutality to Kashmiris

Its Article 370 Revocation Drama; a Dwindling Horizon too Far

Since the early 90s, with the beginning of Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits, militant groups threatened, assaulted, murdered Hindus and raped Kashmiri Pundit women residing in the Kashmir valley; driving many to flee to refugee camps in Jammu and Delhi.

That was not what the majority of Kashmiri Muslims wanted, however were caught between Radical Islamic propaganda and bandwagon effect.

Militant groups since then, have also kidnapped and killed and raped Muslim civilians whom they have accused of being informers or of not supporting their political views. Various armed militant groups in Kashmir have also committed rape of Kashmiri women, which they either try to justify as Jihad service in the name of God or sordid and inhumane even in comparison to jihad al-nikah atrocities, meted out by ISIL, to the women inhabitants of captured territories.

Deprivation of rights to two generations of Kashmiris

Right to Education, Work and Normalcy targeted by Pakistan Army

May 23, 1990; Lal Chowk, Srinagar; An explosive device is hurled into the compound of Bisco Memorial School. Unidentified terrorists also ask school authorities to impart Arabic/Islamic education to the students.

Terrorists and Pakistan Army driven strategy, has been to deprive the youth and working-age man of Kashmir, of opportunities. Once the frustrations of not getting education, jobs, and routine life are extreme, the sentiments have been craftily but falsely been turned on to the Indian Army. The handiwork of Pakistan Army-China abetted terrorism, induced suffocation of Kashmiris, and was used as a tool to turn the resultant angst, on to the government.

Tourism was systematically eradicated in Kashmir in the 90s, thereby looting away the economy of Kashmiris. Education was also targeted However it was the professional altruistic efforts of the Indian Army, that despite the violent insurgency, Schools were allowed to function. However, Militants ensured attacks and targeting were carried out near Schools and Markets, so that there is curfew and check posts. This resulted in delayed/partially attended schools.

In the mid-1990s, Kashmiris spoke of middle-aged, sometimes grey-bearded, men walking into examination halls, placing a pistol on the desk and writing the examination on behalf of a student. Such was the Militant’s involvement in ensuring Schools do not function. Parents were too scared to send children to schools, for fear of a militant attack, and Army in nearby posts had to intervene along with the Village heads, to ensure the Schools and colleges function, however barely.

By the turn of the Century, the government pushed hard to revive and expand the education system, a large number of young teachers had been educated during the time the system had been crippled.

On duty, playfully interacting with a Kashmiri child, just like their own one back home

 The government needed an army of teachers for the new colleges and schools it opened in the early years of the new century, but even the education minister of the time acknowledged that the quality of teachers was a problem. Some colleges and universities were devalued, and any Teachers hired from outside were targeted by the Terrorists.

Business was not allowed to prosper, as prominent business ventures were looted by terrorists for ransom, or simply told to shut or lose a life. Hence the economy was crippled, education was retarded, and with frustration and gloom looming, the next decade was used to project despair as a result of Government and Armed Forces.

This conveniently hid the fact, that it was Pakistan Army and China who fostered this abject gloom of two generations, in the Kashmiri minds and psyche.

Radicalization Pogrom of Kashmiris by Pakistan Army

Bludgeoning the Self Esteem of beautiful people of Kashmir

In 1995 Terrorists entered the house of one Mushtaq Ahmed Dar, to stay for the night in Anantnag, which was the norm of those days. On gunpoint, his wife and daughter were told to be with terrorists for the night, who were raped. On approaching the Haqla Panchayat, he got a mute response, as he was guided to the Maulvi of the Mosque, who insisted the act as service to Jihad.

Radicalization drive by Pakistan Army, beginning from the 80s, not only stripped the fabric of Kashmiriyat from the Kashmiri psyche, it was a deliberate fracture on to the individuality of Kashmiri psyche.

They no longer were individual humans, however, a cog in wheels of jihad, for the personal benefit of Pakistan Army. Which God will strip an individual of his own identity and self-respect, none! However it is the manner in which Koran and Allah have been misinterpreted by Pakistan Army’s radicalization program since the 70s.

It was drilled in the Kashmiri psyche, a norm in those days to commit household goods, food, cattle, and even women and boys to the carnal desires of Pakistani Militants. Hizb ul Mujahidin had to launch a staunch campaign in early next century, to salvage the dented individuality, but that was uncommitted and got a scathing negative response by Pakistan Army.

Radicalization reached its pinnacle during the last decade, when Pakistan Army poured in money, for paying the stone pelters.  Some did it for employment, while others duly radicalized in Mosques(dominated and handled by terrorists) for misplaced fight for faith. The dismembered psyche of a collective idea of Kashmiriyat suddenly took shape of a radical Islam movement, wherein a frenzied youth shall pelt stone, targeting the unknown, to vent out the angst of two decades.

The sensibility and psyche of a human mind were so ruptured, that at the call of the Maulvi(aka terrorist paid employee), stone pelting was directed at the same army man who the previous day has been treating them in Army Medical camps(thronged by thousands), or being saved in floods and earthquakes.

What conflicts and trauma was subjected to a Kashmiri, that they have to listen to call of Jihad(and unverified propaganda), to target a person who has been persistent in saving lives of the same Kashmiri.

The world was horrified to see, how a human was made to behave with an animalistic behavior, only due to the Radicalization pogrom of Kashmiris, by the Pakistan Army.


Even in modern times of this decade, in 2016, 42 schools and colleges were set on fire in Kashmir, affecting some 4,000 children. This was at the call of Pakistan Army’s strategy, to break the backs of the Kashmiri psyche, and to make them slaves to the tool of Radical Islam and Jihad.

Since the last decade, prosperity has reached the doorsteps of Kashmiris, as they have made strides to join the economic bandwagon of India. Then, Pakistan Army sensing normalcy returning to Kashmir, sends message to terrorists, who distribute messages: “If this trade does not stop, we know how to make it stop. There will be a loss of lives… Now, after this, there will no warning but straight action… Lashkar-e-Taiba.”

The threat issued allegedly by terror outfit Lashkar on pamphlets that have been pasted and distributed across Sopore district in north Kashmir and pockets of Srinagar to dissuade people from opening shops and working at the fruit mandi. Killings were effected next week, thus establishing the long enduring hold of Pakistan Army, on the lives of Kashmiris using terrorism and Radical Islam.

Radical Islam which has been successful in murdering the identity and soul of Kashmiriyat, and replacing it with the cause of Pakistan, on the platform of Jihad is simply inhuman. It is as murderous as are the genocide happening in Baluchistan and Xinjiang and loot and repression of Pakistanis especially in Pashtun and Sindh regions.

Pakistan Army has been successful till now, to milk Kashmir, at the behest of China, but no more. Integration of Kashmir to balance of India, by doing away with the wrongs of decades, in form of abrogation of Article 370, has brought the every Kashmiri, freedom from shackles of Radical Islam, Jihad based abuse and Pakistan Army’s repression.

05 Aug 20/Wednesday                                                                    Written By: Fayaz