Kashmir Normalcy. Road to Prosperity

72 companies of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) De- inducted

These units are drawn from the CRPF, BSF, ITBP, CISF and the SSB were sent to the Kashmir Valley after the Centre abrogated Article 370 provisions in Jammu and Kashmir, to maintain law and order and thwart Pakistani efforts to instigate Paid Staged Protests and bloodshed.

As per the order issued this Monday, while 24 companies of the Central Reserve Police Force are being withdrawn, 12 each of the Border Security Force, Central Industrial Security Force, Indo-Tibetan Border Police, and Sashastra Seema Bal are being sent back.

Pakistan backed Propaganda in Print Media

Pakistani media and political cosmos had been throwing to the international community and its own audience, all lies it had within their limited mental faculties, though more hilarious than hysterical. From the Hindu driving Muslims out of their lands, to the Ethnic genocide of Kashmiris, to Nuking India, the list was as endless as it was ridiculous.

India has long since criticized and rejected the “provocative and irresponsible” statements against it by Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, over the abrogation of provisions of Article 370 and has maintained, he is as unaware of how international relations are conducted as he is about his country.

Outrageous claims flew in from every hierarchy of Pakistan establishment. Pakistan threatened to take India to the ICJ over the issue of Kashmir Genocide by India. However Pakistani establishment in an open admission, later accepted that there is no significant evidence with Pakistan for its claims of genocide in Kashmir. Qureshi has said, “in absence of these evidences, it is extremely difficult for Pakistan to take this case to the ICJ”. Banana republic at its best.

Khan raised the Kashmir issue and demanded that India must lift the “inhuman curfew” in Kashmir and release all “political prisoners”. While it was for all to see, that curfew in Kashmir exactly was what it is elsewhere in First World Countries, and Politicians under house arrests: while frequently being on National Television, the meaning of Inhuman Curfew and Political Prisoners has not gone down well, in fact bordering on unapt statesmanship, by all including serious International Politics followers.

Politically, bickering in India using Pakistani bogey has not helped the case. Politicians and a political party in India had, during their working committee deliberations to elect its next president said: “There are reports of violence. There are reports of people dying in Jammu and Kashmir, so we stopped our deliberations and had a presentation on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.” Though this false news better is ignored, than given a pence of someone’s time and that’s how they have been treated, but Pakistan has taken those frivolous statements, as a broadcast of truth, despite being disregarded as false.

A Scheming Pakistan

Militants are terrorizing civilians in the Kashmir Valley, hoping to bring life there to a halt in protest of India’s dramatic reorganizing of the region. Many civilians, eager to return to work after weeks of curfew, say they are terrified of provoking the militants’ ire. The fatal shooting of a truck driver transporting apples is a case in study.

There has been an increase in the number of infiltration attempts from across the border. During the 88-day period from August 5 till October 31, there have been 84 such attempts as against 53 such attempts from May 9 till August 4, 2019. Correspondingly, the estimated net infiltration has increased from 32 to 59 during the above period, about a 200% increase.

“It is a ‘jihad’, says Imran on Kashmir after returning from the US”, likewise above Pakistani Army’s efforts were bolstered by Imran Khan’s open call for Jihadis, to get enrolled and infiltrate India to carry out further attacks on civilians, security and Political Setup, to discredit the Country.

His insisting that with an approach like this, “incidents like Pulwama are bound to happen again” according to The Dawn, is nothing short of outlining the game plan of Pakistani Army, which we have already covered, as Pakistani Army coordinated failed infiltration attempts.

Present Kashmir Situation

Had internet services been allowed after August 5, then with one click of a button, 10,000 messages could have been sent to thousands of separatists and other militant leaders to congregate which could have resulted in chaos and massive incidents of Paid violence, of which we all are aware of. This can be statistically seen, as there has been a decrease in incidents of stone-pelting. Last year 802 such incidents were reported. This year there have been 544 such incidents, out of which only very small scale, sporadic 90 such incidents of stone-pelting have been reported after August 5. All these also due to people being forced out of homes by militants, out of fear, as in case of dread stricken Apple Orchid owners.

As of October, a hundred percent (20,411) schools are open, an examination is taking place, hospitals are open, normalcy in public and private transport services, shops are open and by November mobile and landline are working.

What has not been publicized, however a fact that newspapers in the Kashmir Valley are being published normally except for Anuradha Bhasin’s Kashmir Times, who had “deliberately chosen” not to publish it? “The Jammu edition of Kashmir Times newspaper is being published, but for Kashmir edition, it has been deliberately chosen not to publish it. There are no restrictions on the working of journalists. Internet facilities have been provided to them since October”.


As on date all English and Kashmiri Newsprint is functioning, Banks, Schools, and shops are open. Business is returning to normalcy and Internet services are back on track. Block Development council elections have seen a voter turnout of 98.3%, as well as 99.7 % of students, have appeared in class Xth and XIIth exams.

Contrary to Imran Khan’s rhetoric, picked up by novice looking Indian, rogue, clueless Media-Politician combine, there has been no ethnic genocide. While it is consistent with the government’s plan to get additional troops to maintain normalcy, which has achieved success.

Additional troops, after achieving its objectives, are returning back now, thereby Pakistan’s outrageous and terrorist claims stand null and false. World, India and ordinary Kashmiri understand witness to the propaganda and fear-mongering by Pakistan, which has always aimed to harm Kashmiris, the same as it does in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir territory.

26  Dec 19/Thursday            Written by Azeema