Arbitration on Kashmir not An Option

The 74th UNGA meeting saw the participation of several nations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, met in New York and discussed certain issues. This meeting came after the mega ‘Howdy Modi’ event in Houston, where they had addressed the 50,000-strong gathering of Indian-Americans Texas, which was attended by both the world leaders. In New York, PM Modi said that Trump was not just his friend, but ‘a good friend of India’.

Mockery of Pakistan

Hours after addressing the joint rally with PM Modi in Houston, Trump met Imran Khan on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session in New York. With Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan sitting beside him, US President Donald Trump had to praise him and said that he trusted the Prime Minister of Pakistan. As always Imran Khan was quick to raise the issue of Kashmir and requested President Trump to intervene in the matter. Throughout the talks the US President made sure that he had his own ways of mocking the Pakistani media by asking several times ‘where do you get these guys”? Trump slammed a Pakistani reporter for his lengthy rhetorical question on Kashmir describing India as an aggressor and Pakistan as a peacemaker to which Mr Trump asked “Are you from his (Imran Khan’s) team? You are saying things that you think. Yours is not a question but a statement”. Despite these sneer witty remarks,  the journalists of Pakistan, backed by their Prime minister, continued to beg for an intervention and President Trump had to say that he would mediate between Pakistan and India on the Kashmir issue, provided India should also be in agreement of an arbitration. Realizing very well that for an agreement both the sides have to be ready for a talk but India had already said a firm “no”, reiterating that Kashmir was a bilateral issue hence there are no chances of arbitration whatsoever.

US trying to control the raging bull

Pakistan is a time bomb waiting to explode and the world cannot ignore this fact anymore.  Since India has maintained a very different stance on the issue of Kashmir right from the beginning, it is clear that arbitration is out of question. The only reason why Mr Trump may talk about acting as a mediator between India and Pakistan is to pacify the mad bull that is Pakistan. It is well known fact that US has already given a statement that Kashmir is a bilateral issue and the two nations should resolve it between themselves, so the offer to act as an arbitrator is nothing but a mere act of comforting Pakistan. This act of playing “good guy, bad guy” can at least help to cool off Pakistan for some more time. Since US has already upset them by withdrawing funds and military aid earlier, but at the same time continue to exploit Pakistan on Afghanistan and China containment issues.

The Ugly Truth Of Pakistan

The Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan made an admission in a press conference at the UNGA that they trained both The Al-Qaeda and the Taliban on their soil. Pakistan’s army and military spy agency carried out their training and then maintained links with the militants afterwards. This statement not only confirms all the nefarious activities carried out by Pakistan military but also puts Pakistan to shame on a global platform. Realizing the folly of Imran Khan, Pakistan has now got entangled in a ‘fire fight’ to cover up the goof up claiming that Pakistan had carried out the training of Al-Qaeda for fighting against Afghanistan on behest of US.


Pakistan has always made a mockery of itself and it did so once again by raising the Kashmir issue. All it got was a half hearted support from US to mediate on the issue while US made it clear that he would do so only if both the countries agreed. The 74th UNGA proved to be an utter failure for Pakistan which had headed out in the hope to gather support on Kashmir but in turn got humiliated  by admitting to training the world’s most dangerous terrorist outfits. On an international platform, Pakistan not only lost votes in the fight against Kashmir, but also lost all credibility as a nation that can ever be trusted.

27 Sep 19/Friday                                                  Written by: Saima Ebrahim