The Grudging Voice of Shehla Rashid

In this democratic nation, where freedom of speech is a fundamental right of every citizen, should it not be the fundamental responsibility of every citizen to be supportive of the very system which allows them to voice their opinion freely? But unfortunately, we find many a misguided youths of the country taking advantage of freedom of expression.

A young and dynamic scholar, Shehla Rashid takes to social media quite often and doesn’t believe in holding back when it comes to sharing her thoughts.

A smart and educated student such as herself should be thankful of being existent in this era where internet can make or break a life and yet, she chose the path to squander all her opportunities, only to make way for hatred.  Though her concerns for her brethren in Kashmir are in the best of interests and her efforts to reach out to the masses maybe an appeal to the public, 

but her repugnance is too harsh to be overlooked as genuine concern. Spewing venom against the Indian Army and questioning the government’s methods is a far-fetched cry for attention. Young Shehla has made some not-so-smart decisions and earned herself a reputation of being Anti-National. However, most of her allegations have been proven to be baseless and unverified.

It may be worthy to note here that the Army of any nation would never work to create havoc in any way. It is the mob of Kashmir that have taken to such violence that it leaves Army no choice but to retaliate in a befitting manner. And if the question of young boys being picked up is being raised, as alleged by Shehla Rashid, then we also need to ask who are these people shouting Anti National Slogans in Kashmir? Who are these people organising rallies against the government? What is the age group of the people pelting stones at the Armed Forces and creating mayhem on the streets? The answers will always reveal that they themselves are responsible for the condition they are in today.

As a person who sees the internet as an empowering tool, I feel one should put 

efforts in voicing a positive opinion about things that can bring about a change in people’s outlook. Why not shape our thoughts towards bettering the society instead of getting carried away in the unworthy nuisance of dark politics and injecting poison into young minds. After all, the power to bring about a change lies within.

19 Aug 19/Monday                                         Written by Madhu