Another terror tape is out. ISJK terrorist exposes Pakistan, confirms ‘Pak murders Kashmiris’. The tape exposes Pakistan of spreading unrest in the valley and that in a form Pakistan is sponsoring terror in Jammu & Kashmir.

This internal split in Pakistan’s terror ranks; terrorists of ISJK, Hizbul Mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Toiba, etc targeting one another, publishing videos giving clarifications and further threatening each other is no reason to celebrate. Let’s not forget that they are all from the same extremist, anti-Indian stock.

It is important to note that these militant groups are now aligning themselves to different ideologies of jihad and there is also a  major change in their modus operandi.

From targeting non-Kashmiri security forces, the terrorists have switched their target to the local police, out of sheer desperation, in order to stay relevant to their Pakistani handlers. After a series of failed attempts to terrorize the State’s police, terrorists took recourse to a new plan of abducting relatives of policemen.Videos, pamphlets of Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist threatening policemen to quit Operation All Out and branding young Kashmiri girls as informers and threatening them of dire consequences are an everyday affair now.

The Pakistani handler’s role is also not a secret anymore, as most of the terrorist cadres have publicly slammed Pakistan Army and ISI in their videos for murdering Kashmiris for own vested interests.

This trend – ‘internal war’ is not something for which we need to be happy. This is, in fact, the plan of terror outfits to neutralize those who come close to security agencies or shun the path of terrorism. Moreover, this is not a new trend as far as terrorism in the Valley is concerned, many of the OGW’s and local people whom terrorists have suspected to be informers have been killed.

In the early 1990s, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq was also targeted when he was suspected of getting close to the Indian govt despite being a separatist leader.


Whether it the IS, Lashkar, JeM or HM, they are all part of the extremist philosophy. Lashkar, JeM and HM are pro-Pak terror outfits and IS aims for a Caliphate; but their overall target is to radicalize youth and provoke religious sentiments.

The increasing trend of locals joining insurgent ranks is as worrying and seems to be in line with the recruitment policy of the Islamic State of Syria & Iraq (ISIS). Calls to youth to join Jihad accompanied by Quranic verses, emotive demands for Azadi and exhortations to establish the Nizam-e-Mustafa (Allah’s Army) are the new tactics adopted by these terrorist outfits to lure the youth with some misplaced adventure.

If these outfits gain a measure of success, it would shift the focus of insurgency that has long been defined by localized Islamism that values self-determination to transnational-Jihadism. Unfortunately, this new dynamic has already crept in the Kashmiri society and needs to be timely countered.

12 Jul 2019/Friday                                                                            Written by Afsana