Why is  Mushaal Mullick (Britain-born Pakistani girl), wife of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Yasin Malik, only busy posting self made videos playing the blame game? Why is she not applying for Indian visa? Why doesn’t she post her visa application marked rejected?

Earlier, Kashmiri media reported that it was found out that she has not shown any interest in visiting Kashmir nor has she applied for a visa since her visa expired in 2015.  Then why faking solidarity with Indian Kashmiri’s? From her recent activities, it appears that she is inclined towards a political debut in Pakistan and is clearly using her husband’s political stature for her own benefit and has NO connection with either Kashmiri or Pakistani Muslims since she is born and brought up in England and is a true firangby heart.

The question is not whether she considers herself a Kashmiri; but after marrying a Kashmiri does she even understand what is Kashmiriyat? The truth is that Mullick and her likes are miles apart from Kashmiriyat. She is attempting to repeatedly provoke the youth of the Valley by publishing self-made videos, faking the pain which has not gone unnoticed.

Mushaal Hussein Mullick’s hypocrisy

Britain-born Mushaal Hussein Mullick comes from well-heeled and affluent family. She likes to dote over Phil Collins and Shakira. The Telegraph in an article described her as a glamorous London School of Economics student who had a penchant for painting erotic, bare-bodied and nude beauties.

But why hasn’t she applied for a visa since 2015? Why her own children or relatives are not part of free Kashmir campaign? Why is she nestled comfortably in her posh house and posting videos from there?

Yasin Malik, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistani, Hashim Qureshi, pro-independence Jammu Kashmir Democratic Liberation Party, Asiya Andrabi, Dukhtaran-e-Millat etc. are masters at provoking the youth of the Valley. They have played with our careers and lives, instigated us to take part in the struggle for a ‘free Kashmir’. But why are their own family members not affected by these disturbances and why do they tactfully reside either out of the country or state, to lead peaceful lives while our lives are made a living hell.

Let us take a look at the following examples of hypocrisy:

Mushaal Mullick without a Burqa

  • Hypocrisy in etiquette

Mushaal Mullick, the only one without burqa why? Where is her head-to-toe veil, or any scarf to cover the head? This shows the hypocrisy that applies to the families of the separatist leaders.

Nudist Paintings by Mushaal Mullick

  • Hypocrisy of Culture & Arts

These paintings belong to Mrs Yasin Malik.  Yasin Malik knew before marriage that she is a ‘painter of nude drawings’ however went ahead and married her. She specialises in paintings which are regarded pornographic in Islam.

Her paintings may not seem controversial in the West, but in Pakistan where Taliban militants have bombed girls’ schools, murdered dancing girls, and destroyed music and video shops in recent weeks, they are explosive.

Our own Pakistani, Kashmiri women are harassed for petty things while wives of such leaders have no shame in showcasing their so called nude talent. The question is why are we allowing such hypocrites  who lead a seperate public and private life, to cash in at our expense?

Omar Abdullah’s Inter religion marriage

  • Hypocrisy of Religious propaganda

Omar Abdullah married a Hindu girl Payal Nath, however if a common Muslim-Hindu girl and boy fall in love it is called love-jihad.

It is seen that leaders who are proponents of Madarsa education themselves do not send their kids to study there. Yet, these self-styled leaders of the Muslim community oppose Madarsa modernization.

  • Hypocrisy of Lifestyle

Similarly, Hurriyat Conference leader, Syed Ali Shah Geelani lives in the Hyderpora area of Srinagar, but spends the harsh winter months in Delhi, at a house in the posh Malviya Nagar area with his son, Dr Naim-ul-Zaffer Gilani and his wife Dr Rehana Nazir. The two sons of Hashim Qureshi, are settled outside India. Asiya Andrabi, Dukhtaran-e-Millat son; Mohammed Bin Qasim is in Malaysia where he is pursuing Bachelors of Information Technology at Islamic University of Malaysia. In a Facebook post, he was seen chilling around with his friends in Malaysia, while her mother was busy glorifying the youth who join militant ranks in Kashmir and get killed.

Does it still not ring a bell? Time to shun such non-achievers, whose only contribution has been that of enticing young minds and spreading violence for their own vested interests.

   25 Apr 19/Monday            Written by  afsana