Story of an educated illiterate

Aligarh Muslim University AMU is in news again,  however, not many are happy with it being associated with slain HM terrorist Manan Wani.  Mannan had enrolled in AMU after successfully completing Bachelors in Geology and Earth Sciences from the University of Kashmir. He had also completed his Master’s and MPhil in Geology from AMU and was pursuing his PhD in applied geology when he was hijacked by HM.

An educated illiterate

The news of Manan Wani joining militant ranks soon flooded social media in J&K and what followed it was his mother’s tearful plea to return home. The father was equally distressed, unable to put his pain in words. As if this embarrassment and shame coming their way by a son who held the highest qualifications were not enough that yesterday news of his death came knocking their door.

Unfortunate Kashmiri parents

Manan’s death has not come as a surprise, the parents must have been preparing themselves nervously for this day ever since Manan announced his affiliation with Pakistan proxy – HM.  They must have died a million deaths each time news of an encounter  (which is almost on a daily basis) flash in the valley. Seeing their apple of eye “jigars” absconding someday only to return home in coffins, these mothers must be dying a million times, left all alone to understand the language of tears.

The past few months have been tumultuous in Kashmir, a new modus operandi which has hit the very fabric of Kashmiriyat. Almost eroding the untread path – the targeting of own people – civilians – SPOs-activists- almost anyone who supports peaceful existence.



After the killing of Manan Wani Hurriyat Leader while taking to micro-blogging site Twitter wrote, “ Alas! heard the tragic news of Manan Wani’s Martyrdom and of his associates! Deeply pained that we lost a budding intellectual and writer like him, fighting for the of the cause of self-determination.JRL appeals to people to observe a complete Shutdown tomorrow to pay homage to him.”


 Former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti also wrote on the twitter, “Today a PhD scholar chose death over life & was killed in an encounter. His death is entirely our loss as we are losing young educated boys every day. It is high time that all the political parties in the country realize the gravity of this situation and try to facilitate a solution through dialogue with all the stakeholders including Pakistan to end this bloodshed.”


It may be noted that separatist forces including media are trying to rake up the issue resulting in more Kashmiri blood being spilled for their own benefit. These Kashmiri youth must realize that it is easy to call them Mujahid. But think over it; are you a Mujahid, or just a proxy for Pakistan?


The video below quashes myths perpetrated by ISI, Pakistan, Hurriyat, and every Kashmiri must know the facts


Separatists in Kashmir have only one solution to all their problems, calling for a shutdown or a “bandh”. Who is affected? Definitely not these hardliners but the Kashmiri businessmen, Kashmiri school-college going children, Kashmiri tourism, people who need medical attention, etc. it primarily affects every Kashmiri. Then why call for a bandh for anything and everything?  Why iterate a call for bandh so frequently and jeopardize the government machinery and life of a common Kashmiri?

Hurriyat spilling young blood

Why separatists fight for Azaadi from South Kashmir only?

Why don’t they fight for Azaadi from Muzzafarabad?

Why not fight for freedom from Pakistan if they think Azaadi is ultimate?

Why are their children not fighting for Azaadi?

Why spill young Kashmiri blood?

Why jeopardize state machinery?

Because Hurriyat is on the payroll of ISI, want the pot boiling and tasked to murder any signs of normalcy in Kashmir.

To think of it rationally, have these bandhs solved any purpose so far? This is for the common men/women in Kashmir to deliberately ponder upon. How long can they be fooled or are they comfortable blinded to the tremendous economic losses and above all loss of human life by aligning with the ulterior motives of the so-called saviours of Kashmir who only demand shutdowns. 

These Kashmiri youth must realize that it is easy to call them Mujahid. But think over it; are you a Mujahid, or just a proxy for Pakistan? What are you achieving causing so much grief to your loved ones? Surrendering and coming back to the mainstream would be a sensible way to facilitate the return of peace to our paradise.

Our mothers need not suffer this torturous way. Embrace your mothers and show them the language of love which they have long forgotten. Humungous cases of mental disorder are rocking Kashmir, affecting mostly women who are voiceless in the patriarchal Kashmiri society.

Sametime a forgiving and accepting society which would assist in rehabilitating the misguided youth by allowing them a fair chance to contribute sincerely towards their family and state would be a solid punch on the face of the perpetrators of jihad who have scarred many lives for an illusionary cause suiting their interests not the people of Kashmir.

12 Oct 2018/Friday                                            Written by   Afsana