Hurriyat root cause of all tragedies


The frustration, helplessness, and deceit of the anti-national entities with its own people now stand exposed in Kashmir.  The heavy crackdown by JKP totally disarrayed the militants and in turn, they resorted to the spineless act of abducting & killing unarmed, uniformed personnel off duty.  When in May last year, JeM brutally killed  22-year-old Army officer Lt Umar Fayaz in Shopian when he was attending a wedding of a relative it was clear that the militants are changing their modus operandi. Soon a series of such activities became recurring in nature. In all Kashmiriyat was hit the hardest, exactly the way the perpetrators of jihad wished because seeing Hurriyat losing steam and dying a slow death in the valley had rattled them beyond belief.

Rattled militant outfits seeking attention in Kashmir

What is happening currently is just a ripple effect of the failure of militant outfits in the valley.  With their top commanders eliminated and fading support of locals who now understand the nefarious plans of Pakistan, these self-styled saviors just want their presence to be felt, people to idolize them and turn into a hero overnight. When they didn’t see all this coming they started demanding all this, when they failed miserably they resorted to what we are seeing every day in Kashmir. Brutal, barbaric killings of fellow brothers who are only doing their duty of protecting their state against foreign aggression.

Brave Jammu & Kashmir Police

Amidst the prevailing volatile situation in the valley, death threat looming almost every day what is remarkable is the brave and united front of JKP.  A force which is par excellence, recognized globally for its assiduity to wear down its opponents – fight terrorism. Not only that, the welfare measures undertaken by this elite force to knock off negativity and get normalcy back to the state are remarkable.  Positive outcomes of the same are visible to all.

This success of JKP is what is bothering the militants. Informers, OGWs existed always, there is nothing new but what irks the militant outfits is their fading popularity amongst Kashmiris. Kashmiris today reject jihad, they have seen the wrong jihad did to them, their sufferings are beyond any description.  Also, in this fast pace world, Kashmiris realized that they are left far behind. So, whenever they try to align with the normal they are suppressed – and by no other but their own.

Failed leadership in J&K, Hurriyat root cause of all tragedies

It is indeed very unfortunate that these self-styled leaders of Kashmir could do nothing for their people. They instead doomed them in a dark tunnel of uncertainty.

It is seen that once again when JKP and their families have put up a brave front, the anti-national entities are now resorting to inserting fake news and propaganda to create some impact. In actuals, the impact of all their spineless activities has only backfired, which has strengthened the resolve of the common Kashmiri to reject jihad.

Jihad has only ruined Kashmiris is a fact which is now established and well understood by them now. They are slowly voicing out their reluctance to support this – forced upon tragedy, and that is what is frustrating the militants and their masters sitting across the borders.

Kashmiris do not want to align to an imploding Pakistan

The atrocities on the people of PoK, Balochistan, Gilgit is visible to Kashmiris. The minorities Pashtun, Sindhis, Hazaras, Ahmediyas all are suffering in their own country.  So why would any sensible Kashmiri align with a terror state? Today a failed state like Pakistan – with a failed democracy,  struggling, debt-ridden economy, and a tyrant army is unable to woo the people of Kashmir.  And therefore it is trying to forcefully create that sense of belongingness which actually never existed.

However, the problem inflicted upon Kashmiris is for real –  there are SPOs in specific areas in south Kashmir who are facing life-threatening threats, few under pressure have also resigned. As per official reports, there are 30,000 SPOs in the state and the number of SPOs “resigning is negligible”.  The vast majority is ready to thrash the militants’ modus operandi with full vigor.


Kashmiris reject jihad

A true Kashmiri will never support violence because that defies Kashmiriyat. Aman-Chain ki asha is what every Kashmiri wishes for and JKP will continue to make this wish come true even at the cost of their own life. This is what is Kashmiriyat – the feeling of oneness and belongingness.

Militants can roll in their graves, their game is over in Kashmir, they are out of the hearts of Kashmiris because they crossed the line which should have never been tread at the first place.

26 Sep 2018/Wednesday                                                                      Written by Alizeh