Kashmir rejects jihad

Kashmir has become synonymous with turbulence. What India is facing in J&K is not just terrorism, but a proxy war being waged by the deep state through its jihadi surrogates. Utmost important is good, preventive human intelligence and here comes the role of J&K Police and local security agencies. This is easier said than done because of the difficulties in penetrating terrorist organizations, particularly of the religious kind. With such challenges on the ground, to get the ground intelligence is the major job of local police. Another important aspect is paying attention to objective and balanced analysis to avoid over/under-assessing the situation, strength, and capabilities of the terrorists.

It is well understood that the people working on the ground (security forces) are the best judge to assess different situations which are of a very volatile nature. To perceive such a turbulent environment using “sensors” – surveillance, tech, human int and to act constructively each time using “actuators” in order to create a fail-proof safety-security net is not a run of a mill kind of job. It requires a deep understanding of the region, conflict, people, professional competence and analysis to get a fruitful result. The man at the helm of all such activities surely needs nerves of steel. The challenge which awaits these brave men each day can crush many of us ordinary citizens who recklessly pass comments or have an opinion on all such activities reported in the media without any substantial ground knowledge.

One must realize that any decision/action by counter-terrorism agencies can have different reactions at different times. It is a situation based scenario, very difficult to judge each situation accurately always. The common point here is that all activities are directed towards the safety & welfare of the people of the state in conflict. Any activity which could aggravate the feeling of alienation within the affected community, driving more people into the arms of terrorists is a big no.

In conflict areas such as J&K, such responsibilities become far more challenging, both for the security and the administration. The underlying dynamics meted by these agencies is commendable and by no chance should the electronic/print media percolate info which may have a disastrous effect on the ongoing anti-terror measures or the morale of these agencies that are deployed far away from their homes for a national cause.

The recent media flurry on the transfer of a high ranking officer posted in Srinagar is an irresponsible act on the part of the media houses. The media should refrain from publishing security-related matters without concrete records. It is disheartening to see how journalists, media houses are reporting the transfer as a removal, ousting, fall out of abductions etc. The support enjoyed by the police in the state is unflinching and is seen in the outpour of thank-you messages to the gallant officer for his selfless service towards the state.

Instead of speculating unnecessarily, why not speak of the following contributions of the gallant police officers and their teams towards the State:

  • Neutralisation of 200+ militants in the year 2017 alone, a huge achievement for establishing peace and stability in the state.
  • Improvement in the surveillance system and information gathering
  • Law and order and cyberspace to counter criminals
Modern Police Complex at Shergarhi which will house District Police Office Srinagar, Modern Police Station, and Cyber Police Station.
  • Calibrated police action to deal with narcotics smuggling
War on drugs
  • Enhancing police-student relationship through sports, constructive debates, seminars, skill development and career planning guidance


  • Ecological drives
  • Sanitation drive
  • Interaction with the public on social media on real-time basis for effective coordination and grievance redressal
  • Various youth engagement schemes

  • Up- gradation of investigation skills of police officers to meet the new challenges of cybercrime
  • Ensuring all-round welfare of policemen, including martyrs families and the next of kins to keep the morale of the police high
Distributing gifts to the families of martyrs on the eve of Eid
  • Traffic management


Role of media is pivotal, it has to ensure that they do not make militants appear like heroes or prejudice the minds of the affected community or religion or create problems for effective counter-terrorism operations. Kashmiriyat demands religious and social harmony and brotherhood. People of Kashmir should understand the nefarious designs of Pakistan and help themselves to bring back peace and prosperity to the region once again. They should salute the bravery, express gratitude, appreciation and extend support to the security agencies and their families. One must remember that these people are not fighting for what is in front of them but for the love of those who stand behind them. Kashmir rejects jihad.!

07 Sep 18/Friday                                                         Written by Afsana