Kashmir rejects Hizbul Mujahideen

No justification required for targeting innocent civilians

The general rule of any war/conflict is that only those people fighting each other are legitimate targets of attack. Those who are not fighting should not be attacked as this would violate their human rights. The Geneva Convention lays down that civilians are not to be subject to attack. This includes direct attacks on civilians and indiscriminate attacks against areas in which civilians are present.

Last warning for Kashmiri police by Hizbul Mujahideen

اسلام عليكم

اب اگر کسی پولیس والے کو جان پیاری ہے تو نوکری چھوڑ دے ورنا موت کیلئے تیار رہیں یہ تو ہم نے ایسے ہی ایک چلک دکھائی ان کو کہ ہم کیا کر سکتے ہیں ہم بھی تمہارے گھر والوں کا جینا حرام کر سکتے ہیں اب کسی کیلئے کوئی معافی نہیں ہے بس کارروائی انشاءاللہ اگر اس گروپ میں کسی کا کوئی رشتہ دار پولیس میں ہے تو ان کو کہو جان بچاؤ نوکری چھوڑ دو اور گھر میں چپ چاپ رہو ورنا موت تمہارے سرو پر انشاء اللہ

However, what is a dangerous trend is the abduction, barbaric killing and releasing videos of the same to spread fear amongst the locals. In the last few months there has been a series of such incidents which indicate a new modus operandi of militant groups operating in the valley.

Riyaz Naikoo in a recent 11-minute audio message said “We want to tell these people that India is not our friend. He is heard saying that India is trying to divide Kashmiris and the local Police have become a victim of this Policy of divide – trying to justify his cowardly act.

He claims that militants have been lenient towards J&K policemen, but they are forcing us to act against them. We do not want to harm you, but we just wanted you to feel the pain of isolation from your loved ones like you book sons and husbands of Kashmiris under PSA – how pathetic is this reasoning, he chose a wrong path and want others to suffer now.

He is heard warning the Policemen that all prisoners should be released within three days. We have been saying you are among our own, Kashmiri Muslims, but your behavior has proved otherwise.” – On the contrary, Kashmiriyat has been shamed repeatedly by these perpetrators of jihad. They have been targeting policemen, local army men, local political heads, women, and children.

It may be recalled that earlier in March 2017, terrorists had warned a police officer’s family to ask him to quit or face the consequences. At that stage Director General JK Police, SP Vaid had been forthright in issuing a warning, “You have families too, take this as a warning,” he said.” My take is, we should not bring the families into this conflict whether those of terrorists or policemen.

Thereafter, the intimidation of families of policemen by terrorists stopped completely. Unfortunately, it has now resurfaced at a much larger scale.

– the arrest of 70-year-old Assadullah Naikoo, father of Riaaz Naikoo, Operational Commander of militant outfit Hizbul Mujahideen

– the arrest and shifting of Syed Shakeel, the second son of Syed Salahuddin to outside J&K jail by NIA

– the arrest of two brothers of Lateef Tiger,

– or the burning down of the homes of two terrorists Shahjahan and Syed Naveed in Shopian district.

ISI twitter handle enticing violence in Kashmir

Syed Salahuddin has perfected the art of getting Kashmiri’s killed while he himself enjoys a secure and luxurious life in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). He works as a recruiter for Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). It is through him that innocent youth of the valley are indoctrinated to follow the path of terrorism; all sorts of methods ranging from drug addiction, intimidation of families, psychological pressure are put to use to further this recruitment.

The few unfortunates who fall into his trap are given a Rifle (mostly AK-47) a few rounds of ammunition and sent into the field. They have no training or support base to sustain them and, as a result, are killed within days of posting their profiles on Facebook.

The same Syed Salahuddin who has the blood of so many innocent Kashmiri’s on his hands has gone on a rampage when his own son has been arrested not even injured, let alone killed. Now, because of his personal agenda, he has triggered a chain reaction of reprisals between the police and the misguided youth.

Why are they bending backward and putting the lives of their families in jeopardy to save a selfish man’s son? They can intensify operations against the security forces if they have the strength and the courage to do so, why stoop to such a low level of targeting innocent civilians?

Similarly, Naikoo has been in hiding for long, suddenly when the father is picked up for interrogation based on some substantial inputs, he disregarded the welfare of the families of fellow militants by making them more vulnerable to Police interrogations.

Very sheepishly all abducted civilians were released by him after the release of his father from Police custody. What is laughable is that he then comes out with this statement

These jihadists must know that they will not be hailed as any hero and most certainly will go down as cowards who took the gutless path of using innocent civilians as shields to further the vested agenda of the perpetrators of jihad. The tragedy of Kashmiri killing Kashmiri is not leading anywhere. It is only the people of Kashmir who are suffering nobody else.

05 Sep 18/Wednesday.                                                             Written by Afsana