Offering financial and material help to a country hit by natural calamities is not an uncommon phenomenon. It has always been happening and even Indian govt has provided such aid to a country like America when it was hit by hurricane Katerina. Then why Modi’s govt has declined financial aid from UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar?

As per Indian Officials, to accept or not is a State policy and as per that they cannot accept such financial aid as it happened during the time of Dr. Manmohan Singh’s govt also. That time, the country was hit by Tsunami in 2014 but yet Govt decided to say no to the financial help, why?  Is it just a policy or there is something more to it?

It is said that while it is a good gesture of offering help at the time of calamities, but if a wolf comes running towards our herd to help a goat, then the loss is only for us. So, is the Indian Govt considering these countries offering help as Wolves? If yes then why? What is that fear that forced Modi’s got to say no to such a generous offer? For this, it will be worthwhile to analyze some of the past offers by UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

In 2011-12 a severe drought had adversely affected the East African countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya etc causing a severe food crisis. Approximately 1.6 crore people were affected by this drought and Somalia was hit the hardest where roughly 29,000 children lost their lives in just 90 days which shook the world. The total number of children who lost their lives during this period of drought was more than 50,000. Support from various countries poured in including $1Billion crores from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund. But the financial aid offered by Saudi Arabia and UAE one of the richest countries at that time came as a surprise. They had offered a mere $0.7M and $18M crores respectively.

So the question arises, why $1Billion crores offered for Kerala and only $0.7M were offered for Somalia with 99.5% of Muslim population? Does it ring the bell?  What is the urgency of UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar rushing to offer a big sum of money without consulting the Indian Govt? Is this offer is just for the flood victims or for some hidden agenda, when the state has just 24% of Muslims? These countries did not offer any help to the UN in their relief work in Syria, why? But now here they are rushing to help Kerala!!

Do the above facts on these Arab nations mean that they refuse to spend their money on others? No, as per Huffington Post these Arab nations have spent around 8 lakh crores for a particular mission. The Mission is to spread Wahhabism (Salafi movement) and Sharia Laws of Radical Islam in the name of Pure Islam in all those states which are having Muslim population but in minority. That’s why these counties are less generous to help a country with a Muslim majority but are more eager to help states where Muslims are in minority. This way they attempt to overthrow the existing cultures of these countries to establish Radical Islamic culture. This report sent shock waves to many nations across the world. The funded nations came to know about this hidden agenda only at a later stage

In India, Kerala is the state that is most liked by UAE, Qatar & Saudi Arabia. If the aim of these Arab nations is to occupy certain regions in every country, then in India, it is Kerala for them. There are reports from India Today that a majority of mosques in Kerala preach Wahhabi Islam. The worst truth is that most of such mosques and madrasas in Kerala are now under the control of Saudi Arabia. The Sufi Muslims all over India are being threatened and sidelined by this Wahhabi Muslims. Hence perhaps this “Wahhabism” is the main motive and reason behind UAE, Qatar & Saudi Arabia to come rushing to offer help to Kerala. This is certainly not for the love of the people of Kerala. Why these countries are hesitant to donate directly to the central govt?

So is it a Blunder and an Unfair decision?

Not by any chance. It’s indeed a very fair decision and in no terms can be termed as a blunder. In fact, these countries are the wolves who want to offer help but they certainly have their ulterior motive for which people have to rise above the local politics and immediate gains.


24 Aug 2018/Friday             Written by 

                                            Mohd Shafi Khatana