Militants publicity stunt at funerals gets a jolt


The huge funerals that the terrorists have been getting in Kashmir are not only a security menace but also an embarrassment. Since the death of Burhan Wani, the Hizbul Mujahideen commander, the Valley has been witnessing funerals of terrorists in which there are large gatherings. 


At the funerals, one has not only witnessed huge crowds, but also gun salutes being given by terrorists. The funerals not only change the narrative but have also acted as breeding grounds for terrorists. There are many who join terror groups after witnessing such funerals, which has prompted security agencies to say that these are recruiting grounds.

Women watching the funeral ceremony of Hizbul Mujahideen top commander Yasin Itoo alias ‘Gaznavi’ from a window at Nagam Chadoora in district Budgam on Monday.

Yasin Itoo was killed in an encounter in Shopian.

Now the security forces have urged the government to stop handing over the bodies of terrorists to their kin in an attempt to stop such huge funerals. The police are of the view that these funerals are emotionally charged and in many cases, they have also turned out to a ground to conduct an anti-India propaganda. Terrorists attend such gatherings to spread propaganda. Such propaganda again fuels the terror factories.

The Indian Home Ministry which would consider this suggestion would leave it up to the Jammu and Kashmir police to take a call. It is the job of the police to hand over the bodies of the terrorists to the families, even if they are killed in an encounter with the Armed Forces. It has come to light that even foreign terrorists are getting huge funeral attendance. This is not a good trend for youth.

The police are likely to treat this issue on a case to case basis. The police may either tell the families to make it a private affair. If the parents refuse, then the police may bury the body at the encounter site.

The police say that ISI is using such funerals end up making the terrorist a martyr. Its funding funeral gatherings through Hurriyat. He becomes a source of inspiration for youth to join terror groups. This is part of a vicious cycle, the police also say.

27 Jun 2018/Wednesday                                                               Written by

 Mohd Tahir Shafi