Srinagar: In the late hours on 31st March 2018 security forces laid siege in Shopian and Anantnag districts. By Sunday morning the death toll in the encounter that ensued rose to 20, it included three Army personnel and four civilians.  Whichever way the death toll is raising, Kashmiriyat is the real victim.

Image that is being shown again and again by Rising Kashmir is from an old article of HRCSA


Exploiting Kashmiriyat

It may be noted that separatist forces including media are trying to rake up the issue resulting in more Kashmiri blood being spilled for their own benefit. Hurriyat leaders started rumor mongering and this resulted in stone pelting leading to further loss of life. Imagine an innocent Kashmiri family traveling around in Kashmir to attend various necessities being brutally attacked by stone pelters for no fault of theirs.

Innocents Victimised in Powerplay

In a shocking incident two people were injured when their Maruti car met with an accident on Baramulla Handwara highway near Udipora Kralgund in Handwara outskirts after the driver lost control of the vehicle. It happened after some unruly youth reportedly pelted stones at the moving car. Police has registered a case to investigate the incident.

Crashed car near Baramulla

Few passengers were also injured in Sopore outskirts after protesters reportedly pelted stones on a vehicle in which they were traveling in at Wadoora, Sopore. However, these incidents have not been reported by many newspapers. Journalists have already taken sides and have been neglecting reporting of events that are consequences of Hurriyat’s instigations.

Security forces showing patience to save Kashmiriyat

In a new twist to the usual policy of hard hitting the terrorists showed utmost caution and patience to save a Kashmiri life. Indian security forces for quite some time have been trying to persuade local militants to shun away from militancy. In a particular event in Dialgam the commander even narrated verses from Holy Quran and advised the trapped terrorist that whatever he was doing was against the teachings of Islam. The conversation continued for over 30 minutes during which Khanday got agitated and abusive. Security forces even brought in mother and father of Khanday to persuade him into surrender to save his life. But when he declined finally a fire assault had to be launched after six hours of persuasion and a precious young Kashmiri life was lost.

Police establishing baricades

Kashmiriyat is real victim

In all the power play of both India and Pakistan Kashmiriyat is the real victim. Kashmir was a place where peace and religious tolerance was the way of life. Today intolerance is being taught to the youths in various religious schools. Instead of Kashmiri way of life with Sufism, Wahhabism is being taught with no tolerance for others. Kashmiri people have to finally decide what they have to follow. In many parts of the world, Muslims took to arms to spread the word of God as they were not allowed to speak. In countries like India they were freely allowed to talk so why take arms? Where is the threat to Islam which these Hurriyat leaders are preaching? This is the question no separatist leader is ready to answer.

Points to ponder

People with vested interests are always trying to play up the story like Mushaal Mullick wife of Yasin Malik and Shahid Afridi. It is notable to see that Mushaal Mullick in her statement in twitter video proved that Pakistan is sending Pakistani citizens into Kashmir to Kill Kashmiris along with Indian Security Forces. Shahid Afridi gave a statement as an uneducated individual who does not know the UN resolution which his own country has not yet implemented. It is now for Kashmiris to see if they have to follow these people to be enslaved like the Baloch people.