AMU scholar, Manan Bashir Wani: is homegrown militancy really tackled ?

Mothers are blessed with angelic qualities; unconditional love and the ability to sacrifice is what make her the epitome of strength. All mothers ace this trait and Kashmiri mothers are no exception. However, a Kashmiri mother’s pain is beyond measure. How cruel is it that a mother in Kashmir has no option but to respond to this new normal where their sons joining militant ranks and their subsequent deaths are celebrated and not mourned. This fear and abnormality is what a Kashmiri mother is living with.

Will youtube video by mother lead to change of heart of Manan Bashir Wani?

Tearful pleas seeking forgiveness from a 26 year old son, urging him to come home, now viral on social media can melt any one.

The father is equally distressed, unable to put his pain in words. This embarrassment and shame coming their way by a son who holds highest qualifications would definitely be earth shattering for the parents. Such videos, be it of Majid Arshid Khan’s mother helplessly urging him to return home, echo a Kashmiri mother’s pain that is fighting a lone battle. She is the biggest victim.

Homegrown militancy is a cause of concern

 Seeing their apple of eye “jigars” absconding someday only to return home in coffins, these mothers must be dying a million times, left all alone to understand the language of tears. The Kashmiri youths needs to understand that this cruelty that they are subjecting their mothers’ to is silently killing their beloved Ammi’s. Humungous cases of mental disorder are rocking Kashmir, affecting mostly women who are voiceless in the patriarchal Kashmiri society. The visits to the graveyards need to stop; Kashmiri mothers cannot be tortured this way, no more.

These young boys must realize that it is easy to call them Mujahid. But think over it; are you a Mujahid, or just a proxy for Pakistan? What are you achieving causing so much grief to your loved ones? Surrendering and coming back to the mainstream would be a sensible way to facilitate return of peace to our paradise. Our mothers need not suffer this torturous way. Embrace your mothers and show them the language of love which they have long forgotten.

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09 Jan 2018/Tuesday