Don’t Kill, use Acid to Blind People: South Kashmir Hizbul Chief Riyaz Naikoo

Don’t kill, use acid to blind people who dare to contest panchayat polls: South Kashmir Hizbul chief Riyaz Naikoo has been heard in a video instructing cadres not to kill political workers but to use “concentrate acid” to blind people who dare to contest upcoming panchayat elections.

A purported conversation of Naikoo with fellow militant Sameer Tiger has gone viral on social media where he is heard discussing using “concentrated acid” to target those who will contest panchayat polls. Over a twelve-and-half-minute-long video, Naikoo is even heard discussing using militants to stop people from participating in the panchayat polls. The elections are due in February.


In the recent months, it is seen that militants have changed strategy and measured response is needed to counter the same. It is seen that militants have chosen soft targets like workers of political parties and local police/army personnels on leave. Terrorists are targeting the police and security personnel during winter months, generally considered a dormant period, to attack their morale. Videos have appeared showing militants threatening political workers of dire consequences. The choice of targets, use of IEDs and growing involvement of local youth are a cause of concern.

As brought out earlier targeted killings have drawn flak from the local populace. The escalation in militant attacks on locals is because of the “frustration” of the militants. Whether a militant is killed or a civilian or a cop, it is the Kashmiri who dies. The bloodshed will not take us anywhere; it is only the murder of humanity. The local police work on anti-militancy front with eagerness that is why they (militants) are targeting them (police). It is for the Kashmiri youth to understand that “this is the murder of humanity and Kashmiriyat”, for which Pakistan is using Kashmiri people against each other, for its own vested interests.

These incidents are a proof that militancy so called “jihad” is not for the Kashmiri’s , because radicalized (foreign/local) militants are now targeting Kashmiri’s, since they are under tremendous pressure from across the border (threatened by ISI, Pak Army) who want to engulf Kashmir in the same holocaust that engulfs Pakistan.

08 Jan 2018/Monday