Targeted killings of local kashmiri’s reflect frustration of militants: murder of humanity and kashmiriyat

Targeted killings have drawn flak from the local populace. The militants appear to be frustrated due to the heavy military crackdown for the past few months. They have been targeting JKP personnel’s, local army officers and soldiers and political workers with the primary aim of creating fear in the mind of people. High pressure from Pakistan Army/ISI to create disturbances in Kashmir is forcing foreign terrorists to adopt this methodology since heavy crack down of SF in the last few months have left the terrorist cadre disarrayed. 

These militants are losing ground, are headless without leaders (since most of them are killed recently), and most importantly OGWs/locals are trying to distance themselves from them as they have started to trust the security forces who are aligned to work constructively for the state and not destructively like the militants. Such act of cowardice has drawn flak from the entire state. It appears that the rattled terrorist cadre who have been pinned down heavily by the SF in the valley are now desperate to stay in news and are therefore killing civilians.

This is the murder of humanity and Kashmiriyat

The escalation in militant attacks on Jammu and Kashmir police personnel is because of the “frustration” of the militants. Whether a militant is killed or a civilian or a cop, it is the Kashmiri who dies. The bloodshed will not take us anywhere; it is only the murder of humanity. The local police work on anti-militancy front with eagerness that is why they (militants) are targeting them (police). It is for the Kashmiri youth to understand that “this is the murder of humanity and Kashmiriyat”, for which Pakistan is using Kashmiri people against each other, for its own vested interests.

These incidents are a proof that militancy so called “jihad” is not for the Kashmiri’s , because radicalized (foreign/local) militants are now targeting Kashmiri’s, since they are under tremendous pressure from across the border (threatened by ISI, Pak Army) who want to engulf Kashmir in the same holocaust that engulfs Pakistan.

 06 Jan 2018/Saturday