03 Jan 2018/Wednesday 

Across the border, the Pakistan Army chief celebrated the new year in his house and amongst his colleagues. He did not ever utter a word of sympathy on Kashmiris who lost their lives to their own Mujahids who came in and murdered the sole breadwinners in the Kashmir valley. There have been heavy collateral damages which some families had to bear. It is for Kashmiris to decide “ Who is a true friend of Kashmiris? ”.

Situation in Baramulla

Today Maj Gen R P Kalita GOC 19 infantry division celebrated the new year with the orphan kids who are supported by Human Aid Society, Kashmir (HASK). The event was organized at its head office of HASK in Baramulla.  On this occasion, the GOC donated a 3KV power Generator to the society.  This power generator will help in streamlining office work of HASK during the long power cuts due to snow.

The members of Human Aid Society and others who were present appreciated the efforts of the GOC RP Kalita and Indian Army. These are the children who lost their parents in the war against terrorism orchestrated by the ISI and Pakistan Army across the border from Pakistan.

Interaction with Children

The Major General also a met the office bearers of HASK. He assured them that in future Indian Army will be in touch with them and will extend all help required by them. He appreciated them for their selfless work over the years and support to the Kashmiri youth. The General also informed them that all offices across India recognize their good efforts and they have the full support of civil, police and military establishment. He urged them to continue the good work for the children of Kashmir. GOC, 19 Division asked them to approach him if any help is required in future.

The GOC of 19 division interacted with the children who were present and distributed sweets and gifts to them. He shared moments of his life with the children by telling some memorable stories of his life. He is also credited with organizing youth festival in Baramulla by the name Jashn-e-Baramullah  on 25-26 of April 2017. The youth festival was a grand success and raised many eye brows at Hurriyat camp.

Who is a true friend of Kashmiris?

Officers from civil administration appreciated the efforts of the GOC who took time out to reach out to the children who lost their dear and near ones. The Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and his propaganda chief i.e. DG ISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor, were having a drink in their mess in Islamabad, on the other hand a Major General of Indian Army was spending time with children who were orphaned by their evil designs. It is up to Kashmiri youth now to decide on “Who is a true friend of Kashmiris?”

Final Word

The separatists are hunting down the true reporters and supporters of Kashmiriyat. The Kashmiriyat of late has been a victim of fate. Pakistan had been trying to kill the spirit of Kashmiriyat by indulging in religious propaganda. They are also funding of Hurriyat and Militants who are indulging in terror activities. Since Pakistan is not getting any closer to its dream, its directions are to kill those working in government offices. Thus they are directly attacking Kashmiriyat.

We are not giving out any details of our freelance Journalist to hide his identity.
Hope Kashmiris around the world will understand and recognize “Who is a true friend of Kashmiris?”