13 Nov 2017/Monday

It appeared as if Mr Syed Ali Gilani fell short of choicest adjectives while bombarding his country cousin - Mr Farooq Abdullah. He called the ex Chief Minister hungry, barefaced, treacherous, deceit, and a short-sighted Delhi groomed henchmen.

But why so much angst against a stooge?

Mr Farooq Abdullah did what he does best; echo what suits his political agendas. If you recall only a few days back Pakistani PM also said that Independent Kashmir was not happening. Now Mr Farooq has repeated the same and given "meat to the bones" by adding further that PoK is rightfully Pakistani territory, Indian Kashmir belongs to India and further added "Azaadi" is no option.

Irony is that all these adjectives perfectly suit the speaker himself, except that he is a “Pakistani groomed henchmen”. The Hurriyat claims to speak for all the people of Kashmir but by now Kashmiris know that like Abdullah’s it is also a collection of opportunistic leaders who have hijacked the original freedom agenda. There are enough proofs to establish that these self proclaimed saviors of Kashmir are on ISI payroll.

What is laughable is that who are these two to decide the geography of Kashmir?

Militancy in Kashmir is in its last phase and that is what is upsetting those men who have been warming themselves by igniting fire in this paradise for years. It is time now that we Kashmiris oust the wolves and be part of a pride.