Naeem Pasha, who claims to be Chief Commander of “Mujahideen Kashmir” has warned all outsiders including Government Servants, to leave the state by 25 Oct 2017 or face death. This warning has come in form of a poster duly signed in the end by, one hitherto fore unknown, Naeem Pasha. However, in a special note at the bottom of the poster, outsider students have been excluded from this warning, provided they only concentrate on their studies. 

Most interestingly, it has linked the recent braid chopping incidents to outsiders. It says that outsiders (Indian agents) are involved in all the nefarious activities happening in Kashmir. It has attributed braid chopping incidents to the beggars and labourers from outside the state and therefore, warned all, not to deal with them and complete their contracts by 25 Oct or face death. It also accuses outsider beggars and labourers of providing intelligence to Indian Agencies besides being involved in drug pedalling.

“These outsiders with the help of Police and Army are weakening the Azadi Movement of Kashmiris.”

It goes on to say that “our warning will cause lot of hardship to people but they are expected to keep quiet, otherwise only Indian Government will be there for their funeral.” 

This message is doing rounds in social media circles of Kashmir.

Though this may be termed as another futile attempt by the militants to bolster the fading violence in the valley but undertone speaks of a very sinister design- one more shot at ethnic cleansing. There is a definite proof that the militant organisations in Pakistan are worried over the elimination of top leadership in Kashmir. The reports of some militants and over ground workers surrendering en-mass has forced them to devise new methods of bloodshed in Kashmir.

This kind of call for ethnic cleansing is equally dangerous to Kashmiris, who are working or studying outside the state, as they are likely to be subjected to same treatment. Hopefully, the young generation of Kashmir understands this game and will not be a party to it.