Pro-Pakistan separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani often accuses of "spreading way wardness in Kashmir through musical shows and Bollywood shootings", however his own grandson Anees-ul-Islam was busy organizing Adnan Sami show on 7th October in Srinagar.  Sources revealed that government had also cancelled holidays for all the employees working in departments associated with the preparations for the Adnan Sami show on Anees’s request. Interestingly, as per records, Anees had appeared for interview on a day when Geelani had called for Jamia Masjid Nowhatta Chalo for the youth of Kashmir. When other youth were befooled in the name of Jamia Masjid Chalo, his own grandson was appearing for interview at SKICC.


Geelani continues to befool people, the fact remains that his entire family including children and grandchildren enjoy government benefits. When majority of the qualified Kashmiri youth is jobless,  Anees who doesn’t meet the basic qualifications,  is appointed as Research Officer in SKICC, a subsidiary wing of the J&K tourism department drawing an annual salary of Rs 20 lakh and other benefits.  Interestingly while Geelani wants people of Kashmir not to send their daughters outside for education, one of his granddaughters is working as a crew member in an airlines. His elder son, Naeem, is a doctor and was earlier employed in government health services department. Naeem's elder daughter appeared for school exams in October 2016 despite a boycott call given by Geelani against attending schools. Geelani's younger son Nasim is a scientist at the SK university of Agricultural Sciences and Technology. It is clearly visible that Geelani wants others children to die whereas his own family members live in safe heavens when Kashmir is burning. The irony is that despite knowing these facts Kashmiri’s choose to remain blinded and continue to wipe out their generations for touts like Geelani.