In a tense geopolitical scenario, people living along the borders are for the most part powerless, with little control over their environment, and are also extremely vulnerable to physical and psychological injury.

This is hopelessly my state - "powerless" for the last 25 years, and yes i am lucky to have lived for 25 years. I am Mohd Rafeeq  resident of Poonch district of J&K and i live a life less ordinary. Yes, I am at the mercy of spraying bullets and mortar shells (which i keep dodging) wanting to paralyse me or bury me beside my unsung villagers.I am confused whether i am fortunate or unfortunate, because i have been caught in the direct line of fire and sheling but escaped injuries even when my village and nearby areas are  strewn with landmines. Half my  friends are handicapp rest have pyscholgical disorders. Besides death and destruction, we have been subjected to dislocation and displacement, which has not only tormented us physically but also psychologically. Being forced to leave our home, being deprived of our land, and being denied education and healthcare thats a peek into our lives at the borders.

Unsure of what the new study group proposed would do for us, we will continue living in the darkness while the rest of India is shining.

I may be gone, my house rambled but my voice would echo with those dead in this ugly sectarian strife that we are born Indians and would die Indians. Pakistan would eliminate itself, hallucinating of wooing us but our souls would forever belong here in India.