18 Sep 2017/Monday

A poster campaign has been launched by Hizb ul Mujahideen to discredit Zakir Musa, who has vowed to make Kashmir a Caliphate of Ansar Ghajwat ul Hind. Zakir had earlier given a call to his followers “Shariat or Shahadat”. This has not been approved by other militant organisations and population of Kashmir. There is lot of resentment in the militant ranks as they feel that sacrifices made by their predecessors. However Musa in utter disregard to the popular sentiments has chosen to follow his independent path. Recent spurt in elimination of terrorists by the Security Forces is being attributed to Musa and seen as betrayal, where it is widely believed that Musa has tipped off the Security Forces about movement of Hizb Terrorists. One such poster pasted in downtown Srinagar along with the translation is displayed here.

Kashmir ka Gaddar(Urdu to English Translation)

We inform all muslims that this traitor is the selling the blood of Kashmiri Muzahiuddin to the government of India. This is unknown that how many innocents have got martyred by this traitor with hands of ruthless Indians. It is unknown that how much big amount has he got for this. Firstly, this traitor joined Hizbul Muzahiuddin and then with help of Indian government formed various new tanzeems. He stated that Hurriyat martyr’s are wrong and caused disputes within Muzahiuddin. We request all people that wherever this traitor is seen should be………….. (killed/finished).