With the clamour for safeguarding Article 35-A growing in Jammu and Kashmir, former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Wednesday raised an alarm, saying the state government’s defense for protection of the constitutional provision is “extremely weak” and has “far too many gaps for other side to exploit and leaves us highly vulnerable to 35-A being overturned”.
  “I have gone through the counter-affidavit filed by the state government in the Supreme Court to defend the Article 35A. I believe that the affidavit is extremely weak. The arguments that could have been made and should have been made are not being brought out as forcefully as should have been done,” he said in an exclusive interview with Greater Kashmir at his Gupkar residence here.
  Omar said: “I beg to differ when the government says that they have put the best defense. As a layman if I feel that this defense is weak. I am sure that lawyers and the judges will feel the same”. However, Omar could not articulate the line of action that could have been taken by the state government. Now a days it has become a matter of survival for both Abdullahs (father-son duo) to oppose he government to remain in headlines but they have always shied away from providing an alternative.