Army today sent out a very strong message to Pakistan in a public interaction, that Line of Control (LoC) with Pakistan is not a line that can’t the , that its troops can go across whenever required (to conduct the anti-terrorist operations) just like last what happened in September, when, surgical strikes at four places in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). In a stern message to Pakistan, the Northern Command chief Lt Gen Devraj Anbu while speaking to media persons at Command Headquarters at Udhampur on the sidelines of investiture ceremony on 07 Sep 2017.

“Surgical strike was a point we wanted to drive home across that LoC is not a line that cannot a . When we want we will be able to breach, go across and strike them whenever required. That was a subtle message we wanted to convey and we did it successfully,” the Northern Command chief, whose troops have been guarding the LoC in Poonch and Rajouri districts in Jammu region and North and South Kashmir in the Valley, said. Significantly, Nirmala Sitharaman, first full-time woman Defence Minister of the country also took charge yesterday from Arun Jaitley who was holding the same in addition to Finance Ministry.

In September last year, Army had conducted anti-terrorist operations in the form of surgical strikes at four places in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) and eliminated around 50 militants besides destroying terror hideouts and infrastructure. Sources say the top Army Commander’s statement was a clear indication that the troops can carry out more surgical strikes in PoK if required, to neutralize the Pakistan based Terrorists and destroy the terror infrastructure close to the LoC.

It may be noted that in another report intelligence agencies have indicated that Pakistan trained militants to the tune of around 200-250 are waiting to infiltrate before the onset of winters in both north and south Kashmir. The General said there have been a large number of infiltration attempts along the LoC in J&K this year but “very less” have been successful. “We cannot tell you the exact number of the militants. But the militants, who are waiting to cross over to this side (via the LoC from PoK) are nearly 250 in north Kashmir and around 225 in the south of Pir Panjal (Jammu region),” he added.

Lt Gen Anbu said the raids conducted by National Investigating Agency (NIA) had succeeded in choking the funding of terrorists, which has resulted in decline in the street protests and terrorism.
“The situation that was in November-December last year is not today. Very few, or just token, protests are taking place now. The youth in Kashmir have realized futility of terrorism. Only a few people are into it now,” he said. “The NIA raids, aimed at choking funding to separatists, which has got a direct link to terrorism in Kashmir, compliments the security operations” of forces. Administration (in J&K) is good. We have been able to eliminate terrorist leaders and it is complimented by the choking of funds by NIA raids. All this will have a deterring effect on the youth who are likely to become part of agitation dynamics. It has come down drastically,” he added.

Internally, the problem of proxy war initiated by Pakistan against India to gain strategic depth is being handled by multiple agencies, recently like NIA, J&K Police, Paramilitary forces and Army thus has become more and more efficient. On the external front, the External Affairs ministry has left no stone unturned to isolate and label Pakistan as a terror supporting, harboring, training and funding nation. In a recent disclosure former dictator Gen Musharraf in an interview informed that International Terrorist and Fugitive Dawood is in Pakistan. The present external affairs minister also confirmed existence of terror camps in Pakistan.




In a series of tweets a Pakistani woman, Hijaab Asif thanked and compared Sushma Swaraj with God, for granting Visa to her relative Shabahat Taqvi for liver transplant treatment in India.

The Twitter time line reads :-

@SushmaSwaraj visa. Please help us ma’am, no doctor in Pak is ready to take him under their care. We beg you for help!

@IndiainPakistan @SushmaSwaraj  the patient is in ICU, needs an urgent liver transplant. Been almost 2 months since we applied for visa

 “@SushmaSwaraj What do I call you? Superwoman? God? No words to describe your generosity! Love you ma’am. Cannot stop praising you in tears!!!,”

@SushmaSwaraj @IndiainPakistan

Lots and lots of love and respect from here. Wish you were our Prime Minister, this country would’ve changed!

@SushmaSwaraj @IndiainPakistan

Ma’am I can’t thank you in words