Telephonic conversation between a security officer and Abu Dujana, which took place just few minutes before the final gunbattle of the top Pakistani militant, has made important revelations in which Dujana was heard admitting that he knew A to Z of Pakistani game and that it was no jihad in Kashmir.
The conversation revealed that security forces had made all out efforts to get Dujana surrendered so that he could narrate the nefarious designs of Pakistan to the Kashmiri people on jihad, but Dujana refused to surrender as he had reportedly got directions from across the border that his family (in Pakistan) would be eliminated if he surrendered.

View Point

There is a lot of similarity in the Jihadi lives of Ajmal Kasab and Abu Dujana. Both were used as pawns in the Chess match between India and Pakistan. Both hailed from poorest of families in Pakistan. With siblings dying out of hunger and leading an impoverished life till death made these two join Jihad, which will bring them money and “Ijjat ki Roti”. in their home town no one will look down upon their families with scorn for the fear of inviting wrath of anti India Jihadi organisations, besides they will be well off in terms of money with life long pension. In short, Abu Dujana has ensured a better life for his family back in Pakistan. His family will never claim Dujana’s body, as he is worth many millions being unclaimed. That is the the truth of Jihad in Kashmir.