First batch of Hajj pilgrims from Kashmir leave for Jeddah

Nearly 8100 pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir would perform Hajj this year and the first batch which is carrying nearly 800 passengers has left for Saudi Arabia today.
The annual pilgrimage of Hajj begins today and eight hundred and forty passengers left from Hajj House in Srinagar to board a flight to Jeddah from the Srinagar Airport.

Chief Executive Officer HAJ Committee Srinagar, said, As many as 8,100 pilgrims will perform Hajj this year, for which the first batch in two flights will depart from Srinagar airport to the holy city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. This process will continue till August.
Sajad also said that different arrangements have been made this time, with special arrangements being made for people and high-end vehicles being hired for convenient traveling.
Even the pilgrims traveling to Hajj seem to be satisfied with the arrangements made. We are very pleased with the arrangements made. The helpers are helping us. There are separate provisions for women; I pray to Allah that all of us have a safe and successful trip, one of the pilgrims said.

Last year, nearly 6500 people traveled to Hajj, but this time the Hajj quota for Jammu and Kashmir was increased.

According to Islam, its compulsory that Muslims must travel to Hajj at least once during their lifetime.