Saeed Salauddin carries out terror funding through Hurriyat conduit, on the directions of ISI. In Kashmir terror funding is done through Hawala and border trades. Money from Saudi Arabia comes to Delhi. An approximate sum  of  20-25 Crore is earmarked by ISI to HM on yearly basis .Some money also comes from Gulf countries.

Some traders from Pakistan, connected with Sayeed   Salauddin send money through border trade. These traders are 

– M N Traders Rawalpindi Nasir Ahmed Dar

– Rishi Traders Rawalpindi Javed Iqbal Rishi

-Sultan Trading Coy POK Muzaffarabad Mohammad Sultan Mir

– Faizan Traders POK Muzaffarabad Faruque Ahmed.

Some phone no’s of Hizab-Ul-Muzahideen Rawalpindi office:-Some phone no’s of Hizab-Ul-Muzahideen Rawalpindi office:-  are 0092512241217, 00925122942798and 00923005227402  Cross Border Trade from 2008 to till 2017 has been accounted over only  21000 Crore from Isalamabad trade post and 6700 Crore from the Baramula post between India and pakistan. But some traders are selling more goods and gaining more profit but showing less in the documents and spending  that money on terrorism. Payment to Terrorists: There are 1500-2000 active millitant in HM now, in which 1000 are Married. They got Rs-12000/-  Rs-50,000/- is given for marriage and Rs-50,000/- for starting a bussiness. Fifty militant living in POK get Rs-6300/-. Fifty militants are working in the office and they get Rs-3,300/- and free food, accommodation .

ISI sanctions a budget of 20-25 crore yearly for Hizab-Ul -Mujahideen terror activities

(a) 40%- for families of those who were killed.

(b) 19% for unmarried terrorists.

(c) 6% हिमायत expenses .

(d) 6% on terrorist hideouts

(e) 5% for purchasing of Arms

(f) 24 % for various terrorists activities.

HQ workers are mostly Kashmiri but cooks are Pakistani. Maximum commander are married and are working in Islamabad as a property dealers in real estate.
HM works as a co-operative company. 

The address of Sayeed Salauddin in Islamabad is house No G 10/2 and he is using T2 Land Cruzer SUV and house is guarded by Pakistan police and ISI. He has two Kashmiri body guards Anas Shakil and Karimullah. Some officers from ISI Col Junaid, Col Sultan and Maj Ammid regularly come to meet him.
There are some land line numbers (a) 0512614374 (b) 051 2614372 (c) 051 2614373 (d) 051 2614375 Sayeed Salauddin uses these no’s to contact with commanders in POK to run terrorist activities in Kashmir.

The organisation run by Sayeed salauddin is “Jammu Kashmir Relief Trust” it is just 10 Km away from ISI HQ. The incharge of the trust is Mujahid Babar.