Burhan Wani in Making

Pakistan has taken Zakir Musa's abandoning Hizb and forming and a new ISIS ideology based group as a challenge to Kashmir Intifada. It has now been confirmed that Pak handlers of LeT have given execution orders to LeT Kashmir to eliminate Zakir Musa at the earliest. In a reply to Pakistan, a twitter post has warned that if any untoward incident happens to Zakir Musa, the Kashmir would become graveyard to Nationalist (probably Hurriyat leaders).
Zakir Musa, in an earlier video had threatened the Hurriyat leaders that if they oppose his new group ISIS Kashmir then they will be eliminated forth with. As a result of the new development, there is a panic in Hurriyat leaders who have secretly asked Pakistan immediate liquidation of Zakir Musa.


View Point

Pakistan is waiting for an opportune moment, so that killing of Zakir can be attributed to Indian Forces and another Burhan Wani is resurrected. As a result of this demand by Hurriyat to Pakistan, Zakir Musa has gone into hiding and his whereabouts are not known to any one, except his close associates. With killing of Musa, Pakistan wants to kill two birds with one stone.
    First attributing the killing to India, Pakistan hopes to revives Burhan wave which is on the decline now and secondly, it will be a deterrent to others who are planning to leave HM and joining Zakir Musa.It appears that Pakistan is now surely loosening its grip on Kashmir and any desperate attempt to regain the lost ground can be anticipated any time now.

  SF be prepared.