'ISIS' Gearing up for Operations in Kashmir

Modus operandi of ISIS in Kashmir Valley as revealed to us:-

  • Ansarul Khilafah Jammu and Kashmir, will represent the J&K chapter of ISIS.
  • IS banners and ISIS flags being used to wrap the dead bodies of killed terrorists implies increasing popularity of ISIS in the valley amongst youth.
  • Group created on Telegram App on 02 Jun 2017. Active on Telegram App through IS channel giving out the call to J&K Police to defy their offers and direct weapons at Enemy of Muslim and Islam.
  • Directions passed in Hindi – on how to prepare for an attack.
  • Attack on similar lines of Nice, France and Berlin, Germany wherein a heavy truck rammed into crowded loc killing and injured many.
  • Manuals disseminated on handling of AK 47, RPG along with videos and footages of terrorists attacks.
  • Assigning tasks and roles for to, Mujahid (Attacker), Medical man (first aid in case of injured), media man (publicity),scouts (reconnaissance and planning), men to raise funds without seeking attention.