Recruitment rally anywhere in the Valley for Army attracts max youth irrespective of the prevailing volatile situation. This profession is considered to be honorable and noble among all. Behibagh Army has been instrumental in carrying out such drives in the past also which has given immense confidence to the locals and they turn up in large numbers everytime it is planned . Coinciding with the two mega events, a preparatory recruitment rally was also thought of to attract the left over youth and de escalate the tense time anticipated on the 8 July.

The venue was intimated well in advance and the crowd of ypyth came rushing well before the time for briefing session. A total of about 75 youth turned up and were put under various stages of recruitment process. Initially they were briefed by our core recruitment team on the modalities and requirements expected from them. They were tested for 1.6 km run, physical fitness and medical tests.

A special session was org for all those who attended it earlier and couldn not make it to look for their shortcomings. Such a large turnout of local youth in all these events marked a positive image of Behibagh Army and showed that locals are fed up of the prevailing situation . They are happy in their own world and want peace, employment and prosperity