Zakir Musa on road to become Indian Avatar of Abu Bakr Al’ Baghdadi

An ex Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist, called Zakir Musa has released an audio clip teasing and appealing Indian Muslims to join Jihad. 

Through the audio message Zakir sarcastically asks  terrorists, who had claimed to be from his Gang and provided help in elimination of HM Commander Sabzar Ahmed Bhat, to meet him with weapons, if they were his genuine supporters.

In a desparate bid to ignite ‘hatred’ towards Hindu community, he accused Police in Bishnur, UP of raping a Muslim woman in a running train who was fasting in ‘Ramzan’. He further indulged in humiliating the Muslim Population in India by citing their inability to act against such atrocities of Gau- Rakshaks.

He accused Hindus of committing violence against Muslims and further   declared that their war is not only in Kashmir but also in whole India and whole world to establish ‘Shariah Law’. He urged Muslims to rise against enemies of Islam and  help in establishing ‘Sharia Law’ in India.

He asked the Muslim community in India to wake against the Hindus and make small groups in their level to fight ‘Jihad’ against the ‘infidels’.


    After having been marginalised and kicked out of HM, Zakir Musa lost no time to disown the Hizb Narrative of Azadi. He conveniently forgot the sacrifices of previous HM Cadres and in the bargain to encash on the popularity of ISIS, tried to Indianise the concept and thought process of ISIS. His plan seems to draw Indian Muslims towards Kashmir struggle, by playing the infamous religious card. Interestingly Indian Muslims have remained disinterested in independence of Kashmir. It will be worth watching as to how many Indian or foreign Muslims he can attract towards his Gajwa e Hind by offering them a place in Jannat.