Zakir Musa to Head Kashmir Taliban

Cashing on the rising fanaticism,after setting up Taliban-e-Kashmir,Musa has been successful in poaching disgruntled cadres from Hizbul with his hardline Islamic appeal of waging jihad against India and using religion to attract more youth into his fold.The terrorist leader has been successful in developing a following among the Kashmiri youth who favour more radical versions of Islam than mystical Sufism, which is losing influence in the state. Musa has been trying to take advantage of this rising fanaticism in the state and has been releasing fake video and audio messages to the youth on social media for joining his cause for Islam in the trouble-torn state. In arecently released video he mocked Indian Muslims by calling cowards.

Musa had earlier threatened that,“separatist leaders from the Hurriyat Conference would be beheaded if they became a hurdle in the road to the Valley becoming an Islamic state”.

Zakir Musa has delivered a big blow to his former organisationHizbulMujahideen by declaring the independence.By doing so he has made more enemies than friends. So far, he has not come out openly against HM. However, as per sources the war is likely to break out any time between the two powerful factions.