Prakash Karat’s attack on Army Chief not justified

"The army chief is reflecting the views of the Modi government which seeks to suppress the people of Kashmir, who are voicing their political protest, through the sole reliance on use of force," Mr Prakash Karat wrote in the editorial published in the Peoples' Democracy.

Karat also criticized General Rawat for defending the actions of Major Leetul Gogoi, who tied a man to the bonnet of an army jeep as a human shield against stone pelters in Jammu and Kashmir.

"The way Farooq Ahmad Dar, who had gone to vote in the Srinagar by-poll, was caught and tied to a jeep as a deterrent to stone pelters was a shocking incident. The army chief of staff, by commending this act, has let down the high professional standards of the army," Mr Karat wrote.

Before we find the reason for Mr Karat’s outburst on Indian Army Chief, let’s look into genesis of leftist thought and its growing irrelevance in modern world.

Left leaders are primarily CPI and CPI (M). The ideology of both these parties has been anti-establishment by espousing Communist thought process. These parties have continuously worked against the interests of India. They are financed from nations propagating communist ideology and in turn they nurture Naxalism and Trade unionism to prevent India’s growth and competition to countries like China. Over the years, these Communist parties have been successful in creating a sizeable mass base through their money and muscle power. They ruled in West Bengal for more than three decades and created strong foundation for Anti National activities and ideology. They have been successful in penetrating colleges and universities by systematic targeting of youth like JNU and Jagdalpur University.

Reeling under the heat of Namo wave, political parties like Congress, AAP, RJD, JDU and the Left,  have come under one banner with sole agenda of opposing Modi Government. Now there is a race amongst them to be the main voice of the opposition. This outburst is an attempt to seize the initiative by Mr Karat.

By attacking Indian Army Prakash Karat has tried to kill two birds with one stone.

First, he has tried to create a wedge between the Government and its most potent organ, the Army, by targeting their synergy and secondly, blunting the initiative of the Army Chief by attacking him personally, which serves the purpose of our adversaries. It is in the interest of Pakistan and China, who want a cocooned Indian Army rather than a Proactive and Effective Force.

What will be the political gains for Mr Karat is not clear but his actions are certainly going to cheer the adversaries, who like to see the Kashmir pot always boiling.