Saifuddin Soz puts his foot in mouth

The former Union minister while speaking at a conference on Kashmir issue in Mumbai said that he would have kept Burhan Wani alive and had a dialogue with him. Soz's statement has come under sharp criticism.

Speaking at a conference organised by Observer Research Foundation in Mumbai, Soz said, "If it would have been upto me, I would have kept Burhan alive and had a dialogue with him."

"He (Burhan)  was on field, the forces had only one option to kill. But, that is between the forces and Wani. I said that people like me try and reach the minds of militants. Why do they have unrest in their minds?" Soz said.  "Dialogue is the only process to reach their minds."

View Point :

Soz can't visit his own birthplace without security forces escort . Can't go beyond Baramula Curcuit House. Talks about dialogue, he is a spent force with divisive politics to his credit.