Very few people know that the pellet guns were first used in Kashmir in 2010 by Omar Abdullah Government.

In June 2010, there were massive protests against killings in the downtown area of Srinagar. Tear gas shells were of no use. Police while trying to disperse the protesting youth fired bullets, which killed a seventeen-year-old Tufail Ahmad Mattoo, who was playing cricket in Gani Memorial Stadium. Several protest marches were organized across the Valley in response to the killing, which turned violent. Thereafter, a vicious circle was set, killing of a boy was followed by protest demonstrations and clashes with police and CRPF in which another boy was killed, which led to another protest by the boys till several youths lost their lives. Official figures reveal around 110 people had lost their lives and 537 civilians were injured during stone-pelting incidents from May to September, 2010. Around 1,274 CRPF men and 2,747 police personnel were injured during the same period across the valley.

The casualties were prohibitively heavy for any Government to justify its existence.

So, in order to save the lives of civilians as well as to maintain the law and order, Omar Government decided to use the non-lethal weapons to control the mob and the pellet guns were shortlisted for the same. Thus the man responsible to introduce pellet guns against his own people is no one else but the then CM Omar Abdullah.

When Omar Abdullah decided to use Pellet Guns against the violent mobs to save his government, he had little idea that he would be forced to oppose the same, when on other side of the fence

This is called Statesmanship.