While the separatists want the children of the common man to come out on the roads to protest and leave their studies for a ‘bigger cause’, their own children and family members are getting the best education in other parts of the country and even abroad.

Here We Present You The List Of Hurriyat Leaders Children Leading Quality Life and Education In Other parts of Indian States And Even Abroad.
1.Nayeem Geelani S/O Syed Ali Shah Geelani Is Medical Practitioner In Rawalpandi Pakistan
2.Zahoor Geelani S/O Syed Ali Shah Geelani is crew member of private indian airline in India While his daughter is teacher in jeddah and her husband is engineer there.
3.Ghulam Nabi Fall Cousin of octagenarian Separatist leader lives in London
4.Rabia Farooq Sister of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq is a doctor and lives in london
5.Jugnu S/O Ghulam Muhmaad Sumzi was managment student in Delhi
6.Abid Sehrai, son of Mohammed Ashraf Sehrai, another general secretary of the Geelani faction, is a computer engineer in Dubai.
7.Mariyam Andrabi, sister of head of the radical Dukhtran-e-Millat Asiya Andrabi, along with her family lives in Malaysia. Asiya wanted to send her elder son to Malaysia for further studies, but he was denied a passport.
8.Rooma Maqbool, son of head of Mass Movement Farida Behanjee, lives and works as a medical practitioner in South Africa.
9.Iqbal and Bilal, sons of head of the Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Liberation Party Hashim Qureshi, live in London
10.Sarwar Yaqub, son of a spokesman for the Geelani faction, AyazAkbar, is a management student in Pune.
11 Two sons of another leader of the Geelani faction Abdul Aziz Dar, Umer Dar and Adil Dar are studying in Pakistan.
12.Last but not the least Asiya’s elder son Mohammed Bin Qasim did in Malaysia where he was pursuing Bachelors of Information Technology at Islamic University of Malaysia and now in Australia for Further studies
While for the past few years the education of the children of common people in the Valley has suffered a severe blow due to the ongoing unrest, a majority of the separatist leaders in Kashmir have made it sure that their children get quality education outside Kashmir.


Geelani blames Goodwill schools for indoctrination: Double Game Player

Syed Ali Geelani blamed Goodwill schools for indoctrination of valley students and said that the institutions run by armies are making them indifferent towards their religion and specific culture.

Geelani while taking serious note of this trend, warned parents and urged to avoid these institutions. “For pity material gains, we are loosing our next generation”, said Geelani and asked parents to watch and be careful about their future. 

Syed Ali Geelani said that we should never send our youth to these institutions as we need to see what education these institutions are imparting to our children.

 “For the betterment of our youngsters, instead do seek admission in other institutions of your choice, run by prominent and well-known organization”, said Geelani.

Geelani expressed his deep apprehension over the reports of mischievous activities of these Goodwill institutions run by forces and said that a nation pursuing freedom struggle can never make occupiers the custodian of their future generations.

 “They are killing, maiming and blinding us and how obsolete and obscure it is to trust these and handover our future into their custody.   It is quite contradictory and there is no moral justification for this”, said Geelani.

 “Occupiers can never prove choicest custodians and can never provide better education, as they are inflicting unprecedented brutalities to our nation”, said Geelani. “How can they take care and provide good education to our children as they are following particular mindset”, asked Geelani?

 “Goodwill schools are part of their long-term policy to strengthen occupation, said Geelani and they are psychologically preparing our new generation to accomplish their nefarious designs”, asserted Geelani.

 “Our youngsters are resisting occupation and giving them tough fight”, said Geelani adding that preferably these institutions will definitely influence their way of thinking. “Those Children pursuing education in these institutions are immature and as such unintentionally deviating from their roots”, said Geelani.

 “Islam and its fundamentals are dear to us and It is all against the teachings of Islam and cherished ethics we are following”, added Geelani.

Referring to RSS ideology, Geelani said that Delhi is anxious to see their country as” Hindu Rashtra” as such are following RSS viewpoint and these schools are following syllabus influenced by same fanatical dogma, said Geelani.

 “We have best education system in our state and experts are imparting standard education to students, as such parents are requested to take care about this grave matter and disassociate from these fanatical institutions”, said Geelani.

He asked parents to avoid these institutions and take upright and proper decision about their children. GEELANI SAAB
Wah....Subhan Allah
You should think about your own children getting indoctrinated by India first .Why do you accept Indian treatment in Indian hospital or deny Indian security provided to you. You should set personal example.